Shore Dive Maui


Shore Dive Maui takes a playful approach to letter design. The "S" is created from a wave and a jumping dolphin. If you scroll through you'll see Rittenhouse 404 created uniforms, flipflops, dive tank stickers, business cards, letterhead, and totes for Shore Dive Maui. The playful nature of the brand is carried out across their entire company.

Atalante Resources


Rittenhouse 404 worked with the founder of Atalante to create this brand from the start. Previously named Poise Business Solutions, we helped to focus on the vision of the company and create a unique name that stands above the crowd. 


Rittenhouse 404 created a polished website and branding that is classic, fresh, feminine and clean. Take a look here at AtalanteResources.com.

Comfort-Food-Farm-Label-Chili-Cheddar (1
Comfort Food Farms

With a passion for making vegan cheese, Rittenhouse 404 worked with Comfort Food Farms to help establish the most basic branding and build it into a company. In two short months we created, a logo, business cards, leave behinds, front labels, nutritional labels, website, coupons and developed a social media presence. 

We made sure to make a brand that was no older than 1 month look like it had been around for generations.

Other Clients


With 6 years of experience, Rittenhouse 404 has worked with a variety of clients, each with different goals and voices. From packaging refreshers, business cards, social media ads, clothing, headwear, uniforms, and resumes there isn't much Rittenhouse 404 hasn't done.